Prospective Courses

Introduction to International Relations
International Political Economy
Conflict and Dispute Resolution
International Organizations and Law
International Courts
US Foreign Policy

Teaching Experience

Fellow, Center for Teaching Innovation (Cornell University, 2016-2017) [formerly Center for Teaching Excellence]
International Relations Minor Coordinator (Cornell University, 2016-2017)

Primary Instructor
When Paper Beats Scissors: The Role of Courts in International Politics (Cornell University, 2015)

Teaching Assistant
Inquiry in Politics and Policy, with David Silbey (Cornell in Washington, 2017 & 2018)
The Cold War, with Matthew Evangelista (Cornell University, 2016)
Freedom and Justice in the Western Tradition, with Isaac Kramnick (Cornell University, 2015)
Democracy and Its Discontents, with Alexander Livingston (Cornell University, 2015)
Constitutional Law, with Joseph Margulies (Cornell University, 2014)

Student evaluations available upon request.